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The Stupid Flu

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Free Lucy! (the elephant)

This is a Timeline of the health records of Lucy(an elephant held in poor conditions in a Zoo)
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Campaign Aim:
Get Lucy out of Edmonton Valley Zoo and into a sanctuary

Lucy, a 33 year old Asian elephant, is living alone at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Female elephants are highly social and suffer greatly when held in isolation. In addition to her psychological distress, Lucy has been suffering from arthritis as well as chronic foot and respiratory problems. To see a summarized list of Lucy’s medical condition visit: .These records were taken directly from the zoo’s veterinary records obtained via Freedom of Information legislation. (These are the records laid out in the timeline above.. scoll by clicking it and using arrow keys, or pop it out for easier viewing.)

Given the cold climate in Edmonton and the policy of the zoo to lock Lucy in the barn when the zoo is closed, she spends at least 70% of her life inside of the barn and when she is allowed to go out, she is restricted to an enclosure that is less than an acre. The short walks that the zoo staff take Lucy on around the zoo grounds cannot compare to the freedom to move on her own terms throughout hundreds of acres of natural substrate with other elephants at a sanctuary.

The Province of Alberta Zoo Regulations state that animals must be kept in appropriate social groupings. The Alberta SPCA has been unwilling to enforce the law for Lucy because the zoo has told them that she is too sick to be moved. On the other hand the zoo also claims that Lucy’s heath conditions are under control and that she is fine where she is - two contradictory claims. Animal protection organizations are asking the Edmonton City Council to allow a sanctuary veterinarian to examine Lucy and provide any necessary care so that she can be safely moved to a US sanctuary as soon as possible and that the elephant exhibit be closed.


Please write to the Edmonton City Council to give them your views on Lucy’s situation contact them at:

Mayor & Members of Council
City of Edmonton
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T5J 2R7

(Fax) 780-496-8297

e-mail: (councillors is spelled with two l’s in Canada)

For Information and to get involved check out the Zoocheck's Free Lucy Campaign.

And thank you to Zoocheck for doing such great work to help animals.

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Pig Poop

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A Hard-Boild Egg

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Got Soy Milk?

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The Cat's Meow

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Not Man's best Friend

Off Leash Zone

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Don't Test The Mouse

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Saving Two Birds With One Stone

Prerequisite- good aim, a stone.
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Cows With Guns

Is animal rights violent, no. As you can see the "fatass" has the choice not to have the burger.
PS - the cow is clearly pissed off, and did not mean to offend the before mentioned "fatass", the cow is just sick of her kind being exploited by humans who tend to be fatter than her herbivore friends.

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Letter to the Editor - Canadian Seal Hunt and EU Ban

From the author of - A letter to the editor regarding the Seal Hunt and the proposed EU Ban.

Heres the link(they changed abit):

and the link to the original article on blogpost

Taking Back What Is Yours

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"litter" Outreach Tactic and Material

A Simple Tactic, print the above 2 pages double sided or single sided(preferably 2 different colours). Cut them up into 6ths of a page, "litter" them in good locations(student lounges, classrooms, at bus stop, doctors office, etc..) With three people you could get out near 1000 in an hour if you find a good location.
time- 2-3 hours(to print, cut, distribute 1000 of them)
money- for copying
people - 2-4 would be a good group size to do it quickly if doing something like a university class.
effectiveness/efficiency - great! likely to get a handful of people veg and hopefully spur more action, plus doing such huge numbers of this material will itself get people talking about the issues. Plus even if you only get one person, still totally worth 3 hours of easy fun work.